It’s not that whacky to think that our pet cats actually disdain some of the things we do. We’re not talking about vacuuming the floor or using the (really loud) blender for smoothies. No, cats seemingly sneer at us when we lace up for a jog, or tune up our bikes for the trail. Do we avoid cat exercise because they appear to dislike it? 


But with feline obesity on the rise each year, we must all do our part to instill a love of feline fitness. Here we have 5 possible reasons to explain why you (and your cat) may be shirking the responsibility.

  1. You Fear Judgement

Cat owners want nothing more than to please their cats. Seriously, there’s nothing better than making your little, meowing ball of fluff happy. However, in order to truly be happy, your cat must be at their absolute healthiest.

Optimal nutrition, strict portion control, and daily exercise are paramount to overall feline wellness. Cat exercise doesn’t only benefit their muscle tone and sleek silhouette. It sharpens their mental acuity and makes them the best they can be.

Don’t be afraid to convince your cat that exercise is good for them. Sure, they may resist you at first, or even swipe at you or bite your ankles, but they’ll get on board. Don’t give up, stay strong. Your cat will eventually thank you for it!

  1. You Have Been Misled

Could it be that you have the wrong information about cat exercise? Instead of being a chore, creating fun games for your cat to hunt, run, jump, soar, pounce, and even retrieve items, really couldn’t be more thrilling. 

Throw away the assumptions that cat exercise is boring, tedious, and just another opportunity for your cat to attack you. Embrace the wonders that are feline play and use these moments to deepen the bond between you and your kitty.

  1. You Think They Won’t Like It

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above, but it’s worth mentioning that the apathy some cat owners feel about cat exercise stems from simple suspicions. If you think you won’t like it, you probably won’t. But if you allow daily cat exercise to be lighthearted, silly, carefree, and yes, fun, then it will be!

  1. You Worry You Might Like It More Than Your Cat

This is the opposite of number 3. You may not embrace routine cat exercise opportunities out of a deep-seated fear that you’ll love playing with your cat more than they like playing with you. That’s perfectly understandable. Again, hopefully your responsibilities to keep them fit and healthy help you overcome the anxiety. If you do it right, your cat will love it more than you do!

  1. Getting the Wrong Idea

You wouldn’t want to play with your cat so much that they get used to it, would you? Of course you want to establish a routine and stick with it! The more your cat understands your expectations and does their level best to work out, the better. Plus, it should be said that a tired cat is one that doesn’t sharpen their claws on your leather sofa or find other trouble.

Benefits of Cat Exercise

Without a doubt, cat exercise every day is a part of an important strategy for lifelong health and happiness. If you need further help or have questions about how to get started, please let us know. Our team is always here for you at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center.