Halloween pet safety can keep your pet from getting spooked.This time of year has a lot going for it. From apple picking to hayrides, costume contests to carving pumpkins, there’s some serious seasonal fun to be had. If your family pet is like some of the ones we know and love, they might want to be in the middle of all the fun. Certainly, being together is always fun, but is it always safe on All Hallow’s Eve? It can be with our Halloween pet safety tips and tricks.

Halloween Pet Safety Prep

Does your dog go crazy when the doorbell rings or are they simply eager to meet the neighborhood trick or treaters? A way to mitigate some stress or anxiety related to strangers and costumes constantly showing up on your stoop is to kennel your dog.

If you’ve conquered crate training, invite your pet to enter their crate that’s set up away from the front door. Provide plush bedding, toys, and maybe a healthy treat or two to pass the evening. Check in on them frequently and give them lots of praise and reassurance.

If you’re having a party or plan on being otherwise engaged on Halloween, we offer pet boarding that will give you enormous peace of mind.

Bump in the Night

Many pets are equipped to cope with unpredictable sights, sounds, smells, and other stimuli while out and about. But that doesn’t mean that microchips, ID tags, or reflective collars/leashes won’t come in handy on Halloween. On the contrary, the approach to Halloween pet safety must involve reducing the chances of separation.

Pay No Mind

If you are trick or treating with your pet, attending costume contests, or otherwise enjoying the holiday festivities, it’s important to be mindful of all the potentially threatening components of the environment. Items like electrically charged decorations, candlelit jack-o’-lanterns, animatronic displays, glow sticks, and more can either stress out your pet or cause them harm.

To that end, it’s critically important that pets do not surreptitiously pick up discarded or fallen candies. Chocolate, Xylitol-sweetened treats, and their colorful plastic or foil wrappers can all pose different risks to health and safety.

Halloween Pet Safety

Looking at some of the upcoming events on your calendar? There are some great pet-friendly activities that center around autumn and Halloween, and if your pet has a proven track record for being under voice command, enjoy your time together!

Some pets really tolerate costumes, but there are many that don’t like the way they feel. Your pet’s breathing must never be compromised, they should be able to move freely, go the bathroom easily while dressed up, and all possible choking hazards or entanglements should be removed. Signs of stress or anxiety? Remove the costume promptly. Know when to call it a night and go home for some affection and attention.

If we can assist you with additional questions or concerns about Halloween pet safety, Animal Family Veterinary Care Center is always here for you.