On any given day we take in  far more information than we could ever possibly process.  We are bombarded with a multitude of claims from television and print media in the form of news, entertainment and advertising.  If that’s not enough, we also have the  internet.  Everybody seems to be telling us what is best for our pets.  It can be so hard to sort through the noise that sometimes we just listen to whom ever says it the loudest and the most often.  That’s why advertising works so well.

One of the more current popular theories circulating is that a diet that is meat first and/or grain free is better for your dog.  The assumption being that your dog is simply a wolf with a collar and an inside bed.   Not really.

Scientific study has indicated that excess proteins, fat, calcium and phosphorus can harm your pet over time. That’s what feeding a diet primarily comprised of meat does.   The popular BARF or raw meat diet compounds that further by not cooking the protein source.  It is important to understand how the diet you feed your pet effects them.   If you’d like to get a better understanding of how the emphasis on meat first can affect your pet please read the two articles we have linked below.  Then make up your own mind.

Wedekind/Richards PhDs : Avoiding  mineral excesses for optimal pet nutrition.

Brian Mckenzie in Science Based Medicine on the BARF diet: