Funny Dog Taking Bubble BathWhen you think of grooming, you might think of a poofy poodle or sleek Persian cat, but all pets need to be groomed. Some require just the occasional bath, brush, and nail trim while others need more intense care.

Grooming your pet doesn’t just make them prettier and better smelling, though. Regular pet grooming can be an important part of your pet’s regular care. Learn how grooming for a healthier pet can be an essential part of proper pet care.

Grooming for a Healthier Pet

Keeping up on your pet’s grooming is a very important component of maintaining his or her health. A good grooming routine can also make any pet feel pampered and important.

When grooming your pet, it is important to pay close attention to his or her coat, nails, ears, eyes, and even teeth. Good grooming practices can help keep your pet healthier by:

Preventing skin problems – Heavy matting of the coat can be uncomfortable. Over time it can also lead to restrictions in movement and even defecation. Mats often also hold bacteria and moisture close to the skin, resulting in infections and irritation such as hot spots that may require extra medical care.

Stopping toenail woes – Nails that are too long can alter your pet’s gait, resulting in lamenesses. They are also more likely to snag and break, resulting in a painful (and often bloody) experience and an unwanted vet visit. Even worse, too long nails can curl around into the paw pad causing pain and infection.

Avoiding eye and ear irritation – Excess hair in the ear canals can predispose certain pets to ear infections. Long hair around the eyes can rub the corneas, causing irritation of the eye. Keeping these areas trimmed is often necessary to keep your pet happy.

Alerting you to problems – Owners who regularly brush their pet, clean the ears, and brush his or her teeth are more likely to recognize subtle changes in these areas, resulting in earlier treatment. Our expert groomers are also great at detecting things like skin infections, parasite problems, ear problems, dental issues, and even toenail fungus during a grooming appointment.

Grooming at Animal Family Veterinary Care

Because grooming is such an important part of pet health care, Animal Family Veterinary Care is proud to provide grooming services to our clients. Not everyone is able to spend the time or perform the tasks that are needed to keep their pet healthy. That is where we come in.

Our groomers Kimberly and Claire have twenty years of combined experience in the grooming profession. Their kind and gentle hand as well as extensive knowledge allow them to provide tailored and professional grooming services for our hospital’s pets.

Having a grooming salon right in our hospital also is convenient, as we can often address any issues that are detected during the same stay. Pets who may need a little sedation or have other special needs are also easily accommodated.

Grooming is a great way to bond with your pet and make them feel loved, but it also an important part of responsible pet ownership. A good grooming routine is important for keeping your favorite furry friend happy and healthy.