Dog Jack Russell Terrier. Puppy. Christmas,Our furry family friends can be among the toughest on our holiday shopping list. Animal Family Veterinary Care Center has your back, though.

Check out our list of pet-friendly gifts. You are sure to find something for that special someone on your list this year.

Toys are Classic

For many pets, a new toy to play with is pure bliss. A good toy is non-toxic, large enough to not be swallowed, and, if designed to be chewed on, should have a hole in each end to prevent choking. Cheaply-made novelty toys are probably not worth the expense.

If your pet is a stuffing monster, squeaker hunter, or garbage disposal extraordinaire, choose carefully or find another gift. Always supervise pets with toys, especially new ones.

Some of our top pet-friendly gifts in the toy category this year include:

The Kong – This classic toy is as close as it gets to indestructible and can offer hours of fun, especially when stuffed with peanut butter, squeeze cheese, or other treats. Freezing the Kong can add to the fun.

Jolly Ball – Jolly Pets make durable fetch-and-tug toys, with a design to please almost any pet.

Kong Balls – Kong Air Squeaker balls are made to last and come in different sizes to fit different pooches.

Hide-a-Squirrel – Outward Hound makes the Hide-a-Squirrel that will keep your pup guessing for hours. Keep a careful eye on your pet, though, especially if he or she is a toy eater.

The Laser Pointer – This classic is endless fun for most dogs and cats.

A good toy brings gifts in the forms of exercise, mental stimulation, and interaction. What a great way to celebrate the holidays.

Can’t Go Wrong with Food

Just as with people, food is a pretty sure bet for most pets. When purchasing food or treats as a present for an animal, be sure to consider any food sensitivities, health conditions, or digestive issues that might make certain options a bad choice.

Likewise, take it easy with the extra treats over the holidays. Overindulgence can lead to gastrointestinal issues (no one wants to ring in the New Year with vomiting and diarrhea) or even pancreatitis.

Pet-Friendly Gifts for the Pet Who Has Everything

Some pets seem to have just about everything. Pet-friendly gifts are out there for these pets, though! Consider the following:

  • Pet water fountain (great for encouraging drinking and urinary tract health)
  • New collar or harness
  • Nice bed (there are even heated ones that cats can’t resist)
  • New place to hide for pets who live in habitats
  • Grooming session
  • Subscription box like BarkBox
  • Putting the funds toward parasite prevention, updating vaccinations, or a needed procedure
  • A donation to a favorite animal-based charity
  • Pet insurance policy

Finding good, pet-friendly gifts can take a little time and thought, but you won’t regret the effort when you see the looks on their little faces.

Happy Holidays to you and your entire family, two legs and four!