Halloween Pet Safety: How to Safely Include Your Pets in Your Seasonal Plans

Halloween pet safety can keep your pet from getting spooked.This time of year has a lot going for it. From apple picking to hayrides, costume contests to carving pumpkins, there’s some serious seasonal fun to be had. If your family pet is like some of the ones we know and love, they might want to be in the middle of all the fun. Certainly, being together is always fun, but is it always safe on All Hallow’s Eve? It can be with our Halloween pet safety tips and tricks.

Halloween Pet Safety Prep

Does your dog go crazy when the doorbell rings or are they simply eager to meet the neighborhood trick or treaters? A way to mitigate some stress or anxiety related to strangers and costumes constantly showing up on your stoop is to kennel your dog. Continue…

Celebrating A Safe Halloween With Your Pet

Masked superhero pet dogMany of us are obsessed with this time of year, and nothing says autumn like Halloween. From cleverly carved pumpkins to spooky haunted hayrides, you may already be gearing up for this beloved holiday – and perhaps thinking of how to include your pet in the fun.

Many dogs and (some) cats love the attention they get on this day, and we’re lucky to have so many great options for pet costumes, activities, and treats. However, as with any holiday, there are some risks, so keep reading to find out more about how to keep your pet safe this Halloween. Continue…