Laser Therapy for Pets: Not Just for Dr. Evil

Veterinarian laser therapyIf you can’t say the word “laser” without making the quotation gesture, you aren’t alone. The word itself evokes thoughts of science fiction and futuristic capabilities.

Animal Family Veterinary Care Center is happy to let you know that laser therapy is part of real-life here at our hospital. Laser therapy for pets is becoming more and more common and isn’t scary at all. Who knows, maybe you have a pet who could benefit?


Promoting Healing, Lessening Pain: The Advantages of Pet Laser Therapy

AnimalFamily_iStock_000014701110_XXXLargeLaser therapy to treat pet pain and promote healing is an exciting component of modern veterinary medicine. Yet, sometimes the mention of the word laser can cause a bit of trepidation in pet parents who imagine a more invasive or scary experience for their beloved pets. In reality, pet laser therapy is non-invasive, pain-free, and often offers a relaxing experience as the laser produces a warming sensation in the area being treated.

Companion laser treatments have offered tremendous benefits for pets who previously suffered with chronic pain or mobility challenges, and we continue to learn more about the efficacy of this leading-edge method of treatment. Continue…