Reactive: Acting in response to a situation or something bad after it’s already happened.

Proactive: Acting in advance to prevent something bad from happening.

We know you love your pet. We do too. Keeping your pet healthy is kind of a passion with us.  We also really love Stranger Things!  So, just for fun, lets take a tour of the “Upside Down” of veterinary medicine.

Welcome to the Reactive Care Clinic. Where exams, blood work and heartworm tests, stool exams and parasite control, vaccinations, dentals, spay/neuter surgeries, weight loss or any other preventative measures are not a priority. Don’t expect any irritating reminder calls either.  At the Reactive Care Clinic, you can expect…

  • Your pet to have an amazingly huge flea infestation that overtakes your home and yard in a way that’s really, really, hard to get under control.
  • Weight loss? No worries. Your pet may have such a large parasite load that you can’t keep weight on them. And it’s not just your pets. You and your children may need to see the human doctor if parasite larva migrate to your skin, organs or eyes. 
  • However, should your pet become too heavy it will be much harder to help them lose weight. Diabetes, joint problems, heart and respiratory issues will loom in your furry friend’s future. 
  • There’s no blood work so kidney and liver disease, Cushing’s, Diabetes and other health problems will be more severe and advanced by the time symptoms appear. There will be fewer treatment options available and they may cost a whole lot more.
  • No vaccines if you don’t want them so your pet will come in only when already sick and with little to no immunity. Pre-existing parasites will most likely have already compromised their health and make an already scary situation worse.
  • No dental care suggested until you can’t stand being in the same room with your pet. Expect multiple extractions with every procedure. Until then painful teeth and possible damage to the rest of their body by bacteria will severely reduce any quality of life your pet has.
  • Skin problems will go unchecked until the odor and your pet’s constant scratching compel a visit to the clinic. By then bacteria and yeast will make any problem much harder to get under control.
  • Puppies and kittens! Everywhere! Later in life prostate problems and cancer in males and uterine infections and breast cancer in females will necessitate other riskier surgeries and a spay or neuter as well. No money wasted on good monitoring equipment or trained staff, so surgery will be riskier too.
  • No heartworm checks so heartworm disease will be well established, difficult and expensive to treat. If you wait until the coughing and exercise intolerance is obvious, you can expect permanent damage to the heart and a shortened lifespan.
  • We could go on, but you get the gist of our tongue in cheek visit to the “Upside Down” of veterinary medicine. 

Thanks for taking our tour.

P.S. Aren’t you glad Animal Family Veterinary Care Center practices proactive medicine instead of reactive? Come in today to ensure your pet is healthy before an issue arises–and don’t forget to check into pet insurance. It really helps!”