Veterinary Surgeon Removes Tumor From Dog's LegAt some point or another in their lifetime, most pets will need to have some type of surgery. While this can be a scary thing for many animal lovers, veterinary surgery has come a long way and is safer than ever before. Animal Family Veterinary Care Center is proud to offer the best surgical practices and options for your pets.

Anesthesia for Pets

In order for us to perform most surgeries, general anesthesia is required. While anesthesia is never completely without risk, modern veterinary medicine, expertly trained staff, and many precautions make this safer than ever before.

Pets who undergo general anesthesia for surgery routinely receive:

  • Preoperative blood work to alert us to any underlying issues
  • Careful use of anesthetic medications tailored to each pet’s individual needs
  • Sterile surgical technique
  • An intravenous catheter and fluids to allow administration of emergency medications and maintain normal blood pressure
  • Warming during and after the procedure as needed
  • Constant monitoring of heart rate, heart tracing (ECG), respirations, blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen levels by a certified veterinary technician
  • Personalized pain management
  • Careful monitoring before, during, and after the procedure by our experienced staff

Anesthesia is one of the most important things that we do, and we take your pet’s surgery very seriously.

Veterinary Surgery Options at AFVCC

Veterinary surgery is something that most animal hospitals offer, but at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center, we take things to the next level.

All of our veterinary staff is prepared to help you and your pets with any surgical needs you may have. In fact, we are happy to have added Dr. Jarod Rosel to our highly experienced team. Dr. Rosel enjoys surgery and also has a special interest in diagnostic ultrasound, making him a valuable member of our staff.

AFVCC is excited to be able to offer our clients the option of laser surgery as well. This technique utilizes a surgical grade laser in place of a traditional scalpel blade in order to perform surgery. Laser surgery results in less bleeding, decreased pain, lesser risk of infection, and can even be used to fight cancer cells.

For more difficult surgeries, we are also pleased to have on staff Dr. Kristi Sandman. Dr. Sandman is a board-certified veterinary surgeon who is able to help our pet patients with more complex procedures such as orthopedic and advanced soft tissue surgeries.

We are even able to offer veterinary surgery services to nontraditional exotic pets.

We are excited about veterinary surgery at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center and go above and beyond to offer the very best to our patients. We are happy to help you with any and all of your surgical needs, whether it be a spay or neuter or a total hip replacement for your pet.