Pet Health Information for Davenport Area Pets

Cat looking cute

Quite frankly, your pet's health needs are relatively similar to yours. Your pet needs good food, clean water, exercise, adequate housing and love. Those are the most basic points of any pet care program. Regular check ups, accompanied by vaccinations and age appropriate medicines, are necessary as well.

Although their needs can be similar to yours, symptoms that animals' exhibit may mean quite a different thing than their human counterparts. On the other pages of this website, you will find information concerning different stages and aspects of your pet's health. Reading each section and adhering to recommended guidelines is optimal for both you and your pet. Actively participating in your pet's care is encouraged.

At Animal Family Veterinary Care Center, we encourage you to call and ask us any questions that you might have regarding your animal's health. We feel that it is much better to be safe than sorry.