No Fur? No Legs? Spines? Feathers? Scales? Exotic Pets Are No Problem!

Just like cats and dogs, Animal Family Veterinary Care Center knows that exotic pets need routine veterinary care to stay healthy.

Exotic pets include:

  • Birds
  • Reptiles
    • Snakes
    • Turtles
    • Lizards
  • Sugar gliders
  • Small mammals
    • Rats
    • Mice
    • Hamsters
    • Chinchillas
    • Hedgehogs
    • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets

Proper nutrition, housing, and daily care are keys to keeping exotic pets happy and preventing disease. We have appropriate scales for accurate weight measurement, and we will tailor a wellness plan, including regular examinations, to your pet’s needs.

Neutering and spaying are just as important for many exotic pets as they are for dogs and cats. Our doctors have experience with these procedures and other soft tissue and bone surgeries as well.

White Fox

Because exotic pets are special, we offer special services just for them:

  • Surgical and medical options for ferrets with adrenal disease
  • Rabbit and rodent dental care
  • Annual wellness exams just like dogs and cats
  • Bird beak and wing trims
  • Pre-purchase consultations regarding basic care (husbandry) as well as common problems
  • Gram stains and fungal cultures and external lab work, as well as in-house diagnostics and radiographs
  • Appropriate scales for accurate weight measurement
  • Reptile and bird sexing