Good Dental Care for Better Pet Health

Chihuahua getting dental work

“Dog breath” is not normal. At Animal Family Veterinary Care Center, we continue to expand our pet dental services to prevent and treat periodontal disease. As part of your pet’s regular examination, your veterinarian will perform a comprehensive oral exam. Based on the size, age, breed, and health of your pet, the doctor will make recommendations for appropriate pet dental care and oral health at that time.

The oral and dental health of all animals, whether large or small, is important. Studies have estimated that by 3 years of age, over 85% of dogs and 50% of cats have periodontal disease. Research has shown that bacteria from the mouth can result in disease in other organs of the body, primarily the kidneys, the heart, and the liver.

While receiving dental care, similar monitoring and support that is given to all of our veterinary surgical patients is used. Your pet will receive continual monitoring when anesthesia is used, intravenous (IV) fluids, and a blanket to maintain his or her body temperature.

Dental veterinary services include:

We are committed to ensuring that the entire staff of Animal Family Veterinary Care Center receives up-to-date instruction with a board-certified veterinary dentist. Our staff at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center has recently completed a continuing education program on veterinary dental care. This allows us to treat your pet with the most current techniques and make the most appropriate recommendations for your pet’s dental care.

We have established relationships with veterinary dentistry specialists. In the event that additional dental services, such as root canal therapy or more advanced periodontal therapy, are necessary, we are happy to refer you.

Appointments for routine dental care and other dental procedures can be scheduled Monday through Friday. Animal Family Veterinary Care Center also offers a wide variety of home dental care products for your pet.